Welcome to MOZDICOIN

MOZĐICOIN (MZĐ) - Money Is Đigital - is more than just money, it’s a digital currency used to do business safely and quickly, anywhere. Investing, Transferring, Paying and Receiving money has never been easier, safer and more flexible than with Mozdicoin. It’s a reliable, safe and comfortable digital currency to use on a daily basis transactions to make and receive payments for services and goods and also for investments and transfers. With fast, direct and no fee transactions, MZĐ is surely the most viable option for making small, medium and large deals instantly. Many entities and people, worldwide, accept MZĐ for transactions and payments. It’s fast, reliable, private and secure.

MOZĐICOIN - Money is Đigital - Join the MZĐ community and enjoy a really life of happiness!!

Our values are defined by Fast, Secure, Confidentiality and Privacy.
MZD Values


All users are able to trust MZĐ in their business, with fast transactions, without risk of money stealing, attacks and errors.


Point-to-point transactions absolutely confidential with no risk of infiltration, only the payer and the receiver have access to it.

If you encounter any bugs while using Mozdicoin Cyclos 4, please report them on our forum and we will solve them as soon as possible.